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How to Adjust User Gamification Points via the Spinify API

Follow the instructions below to adjust Gamification points via the Spinify API:

POST {OrgId}/players/{UserId}/action

Post body:

"Points": integer, // required: amount to adjust points by
“ActionType”: “”, // required: send as empty string
“ActionSource”: “Manual” // required: must be set to “Manual”

 To find your Spinify user IDs, make a get users request: GET /users

Response body:

"Id": "1234abcd1234abcd", // spinify user id
"FirstName": "John",
"LastName": "Smith",
"Email": "john@example.com",
"License": "Player",
"Timezone": "Australia/Sydney",
"Birthday": "1970-01-16T13:00:00.000Z"
... // Additional fields
.... // Additional Users

If you still need help, then please feel free to click the “💬 Help” icon on the bottom right of this page. Our Customer Success Team will be more than happy to assist!


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