How to integrate with Microsoft Teams

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Spinify is as easy as installing an app into Teams and then signing into Spinify.


Install the Microsoft Teams App

From the Microsoft Teams App

1. Go to Apps on the left menu of Teams, then search for Spinifymceclip0.png

2. Select Spinify

3. Click the Add to a Team button



4. Choose the specific Microsoft Teams channel you want to install the Spinify in. This will let you add in leaderboards and achievements in the posts of this channel.


After choosing the channel, follow the prompts to Setup the account. See the Setup section below for additional instructions.


From Microsoft AppSource

1. Go to the Spinify Listing

2. Click "Get it now"

3. Follow the same installation instructions above for adding to a channel and setting up the account.



Please see this article for more information about adding an app to Microsoft Teams.

Add an app to Microsoft Teams


Setup After Installation

Display Leaderboards In Teams

You can setup specific leaderboards as tabs in Microsoft Teams to give your staff quick access to the KPIs that you want a focus on.

Instructions on setting up leaderboards: How to add a leaderboard as a shared tab in a channel


Setup Achievements to Display in Chat

Any achievement or celebration you have in Spinify can be added to a specific channel, allowing the whole company to see and join in the celebration.

Instruction on setting up achievements: How to configure an achievement to display in a conversation

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