How to integrate with Tableau

Connect Tableau to Spinify in order to run leaderboards on data from Tableau views.


Follow these steps to connect Tableau to Spinify:


Create Tableau Token

  • Sign into your Tableau account
  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner to activate the drop down menu and select 'My Account Settings':


  • Find the 'Personal Access Tokens' section and enter a name for your new token and click 'Create new token':


  • Copy the token secret to your clipboard

Connect Spinify to Tableau

  • Sign into Spinify:
  • Navigate to settings on the left hand menu to bring up the integrations page and click 'Connect' on Tableau:


  • Enter your personal access token details
  • Back in Tableau, navigate to the home page and copy the URL out of the address bar of your browser
  • Paste your home screen URL in the same form as your personal access token details and click 'Activate'mceclip3.png



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