What is a tie and how does it work?

In certain situations, players on the same leaderboard may have the same score which can result in a tie. Below are step by step instructions on how to enable the option for ties along with an explanation of how the feature works.

While setting up a new leaderboard with a title, target, etcetera, you'll notice a box that you can check to "Allow ties". 


A tie can occur based on the score of the player or their percentage to target:

An example of two scores being at a tie would be if Player A and Player B both had a score of 10 out of 10. In this instance, they would both be 1st place. 

An example of two percentages being at a tie would be if Player A had a score of 9/10 while Player B had a score of 18/20. Though Player B had a higher target, their attainment relative to their targets is the same, 90%, which results in a tie.

If a tie is not allowed, then the player that reaches the target before anyone else will remain in 1st place for the duration of the competition. 


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