How to integrate with JobAdder


Spinify helps you to motivate your staff by pulling activity data on properties from JobAdder and presenting to staff in a gamified environment. Spinify helps you focus their already competitive behaviours on the right activities for sales success.

Follow these steps to connect JobAdder to Spinify:

  • First, install the Spinify app into your JobAdder account from JobAdder Marketplace.
  • Next, login to MySpinify as an admin
  • Navigate to Settings -> Integrations
  • Find the JobAdder card and click the Connect button


  • Sign into JobAdder with your JobAdder account details


Users will be mapped from JobAdder to Spinify where possible using email matching, if you want to adjust the users mapped between your JobAdder account and Spinify,

  • Select the settings cog on the JobAdder integration card
  • You will then be prompted with a list of Spinify Users and a drop down with the JobAdder users.
  • For each Spinify user that is in JobAdder, choose their user in JobAdder from the corresponding dropdown.
  • Once all users are configured, choose Save at the bottom.

You can now create a leaderboard with data from your JobAdder integration. Start here - Create a Leaderboard.

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