How to integrate with CloudCall

Call centers need staff to do lots of repetitive tasks in order to be successful. Spinify helps you to motivate your staff by pulling in call data from CloudCall and presenting it to staff in a gamified environment. Spinify helps you focus their already competitive behaviours on the right activities for call center success.

Follow these steps to connect CloudCall to Spinify:

  • Sign in to CloudCall with your Customer (admin) account
  • Navigate to Integration -> API License Keys:


  • Create a new key by filling in the Add New form and hit 'Add'


  • Copy the license key that is created into your clipboard
  • Next, login to Spinify as an admin
  • Navigate to Settings -> Integrations
  • Find the CloudCall card and click 'Connect'


  • Enter your CloudCall login details and license key to complete the connection process.

You can now create a leaderboard with data from your CloudCall integration. Start here - Create a Leaderboard

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